CHAAP introduces self-defense virtual seminar – CHAAPINAR

CHAAP is Pakistan’s first digital platform for women, founded by a group of strong, like-minded women resolute in their singular goal to elevate the Pakistani public spaces for women. Chaap works towards the empowerment of women regardless of education and socio-economic background.  

CHAAP is set to commence Pakistan’s first-ever self-defense virtual seminar with the goal of having far-reaching benefits for women who cannot access in-person training.  

Founded in a time when traditionally backward Pakistani society is slowly coming to terms with modernization, CHAAP attempts to emanates a vital distill an essential balance between both ideals. CHAAP ideologies 

The foundation seeks to bring together all Pakistani – Women to women in order to build a fearless and empowered new generation of visionaries, Leaders, allies, and advocates. and leaders in all sections of the society.  

The CHAAP platform’s primary focus is to bridge the gap between women and their accessibility to all public and governmental entities; – aid authoritative spacesaiming to promote dignity and justice for women in peaceful symbiosis with wherein they can coexist peacefully without being overshadowed by their male counterparts. 

CHAAPINAR will provide women with the functional strategies, techniques and training methods that can help them stop any attacker intent on hurting them. This will give them the security and confidence that they need to protect themselves in case of any undue circumstances.

In the current social environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult for women to step out of their homes without facing active threat to their safety, the CHAAPINAR webinar series offers these women the opportunity to access basic self-defense training within the safety of their homes.  

This webinar series is led by prominent men and women from all women in Pakistan, offering easy and manageable solutions within the realm of law and the social norms of the region.  

The CHAAP foundation actively works towards providing aid and accessible opportunities to women in an attempt to provide them the courage and confidence they need to feel secure and self assured each time they step outside their homes. 

Violence against women is a global issue, especially in Pakistan where the rate of crimeagainst women has spiked dangerously high in recent years. 

It is crucial now, more than ever before, to equip our women, from all races of life with the basic tools to prevent themselves from becoming victims within and outside their homes. 

One of the CHAAP foundation’s primary goal is to eliminate the element of exclusivity from these skills and ensure accessibility for all women, extirpating the bounds of geography, education or socioeconomic standing.  

To join the Self-Defense class by CHAAP starting from 31st October, 2020. For joining the class click the link below:


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